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These terms of use present the conditions for purchase in Store for Customers whose delivery address was specified as a place beyond the territory of the United States of America.

The following notions in these terms of use have the following meaning:

Working days – all days of the week from Monday to Friday, excluding Polish bank holidays.


Customer – a person using Store, a natural person, with full legal capacity (therefore, in principle, at least of 18 years of age), a legal person or an organizational unit, not a legal person that is given their legal capacity by the law.


Consumer – a natural person that undertakes the legal act not directly related to their business of professional activity (Art. 22 of the Civil Code).

Customer account– collection of Customer information, as well as actions performed by Customer in Store (including customer data necessary for execution of submitted orders, order record, execution status of orders being processed).

Store or Internet store – Internet store operating at managed by Seller, through which Seller offers goods to Customers.

Goods – merchandise available in Store.


Pricing in Store shall not constitute an offer as defined in the provisions of the Civil Code, but solely invitation to enter into a contract.

From time to time the Seller may organise promotions (e.g. promotional activities, contests, etc.) via the Store or grant discounts (e.g. on the basis of discount codes). In such case, if there are no other provisions, the promotions shall not aggregate. Moreover, during promotion, the discount codes shall not be active.

Customers are offered the possibility of registration in Internet Store, which results in creating user Account.


Registration process means:

These are: name and surname or company name, shipping address and e-mail address, and in case of entrepreneurs – also the company name and tax identification number (NIP). Optionally, the Customer may also provide: date of birth, phone number, information, who they have found the Store’s website and billing address.


Acceptance of the terms of use and cookie policy.


After filling in the registration form, Customer is sent a message via e-mail to the address provided during registration. Customer is requested to confirm the information by clicking on the attached link. Customer Account is established as soon as the confirmation process has taken place.

Customer is entitled to remove the Store account at any time by sending appropriate request at


After logging, the Customer may review data on its Account and use the Store’s functionalities depending on the manager of disposal with the Account. Logging takes place after correct login (that is e-mail address provided during the registration process) and password are provided on the Store’s respective site. The Customer undertakes to maintain confidentiality of set defined password and not allow other people to use their Account.


Terminating Account shall not impact validity of earlier legal actions performed by Seller with Customer in Store. 

Placement of orders


The Customer may purchase goods via the Store. To do this, the Customer should add individual Goods to “the basket” and then confirm its choice with a click on a respective option available on the Store’s website.


Having approved the list of selected Goods, the Customer should:

Specify the delivery


Specify the method of payment

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